Sabrina makes sexy selfies to tease my husband daily

Sabrina's sexy selfies for my husband

Sabrina is a naughty competitor for me… She really wants my husband, and has good arguments: 10-years younger, a very tight pussy, a super slim body and a flat belly, nice and firm boobs, and an amazing ass. Definitely gorgeous curves. And she knows how to tease my man.

She sends him sexy selfies as this one on a daily basis, and meets him often for, as he says, amazing sex. We both fight for fun with him, so he often gets to fuck both of us during weekends.

Sharing is good. I love it. It enriches our couple’s life by tenfold, as he gives me all details of their intercourses, before and after they both meet.

Her perversion goes to sometimes ask him to borrow my lingerie and bring it to her. He’ll of course take pictures of her wearing my lingerie, sometimes just my bra or my panties. I like to breathe in her scent as he brings my used lingerie back to me, while showing me the pictures he took of her with it. I usually put it on for the whole night, unwashed. It’s very arousing to know that my husband licked and kissed and caressed her in my lingerie.

Welcome to a world of naughty girls and wives! I am myself considred a HotWife, and Sabrina is well on her way…

I hope to once meet Sabrina and that she’ll accept a threesome with my man!

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