Sabrina wearing my purple corset

This girl with MY lingerie was fucked by my man!

My husband’s girlfriend is wearing MY purple corset. He’ll return it to me after and ask me for pics of me wearing it too… Isn’t this super exciting, to share my intimate lingerie with my husband’s girlfriends? Especially when I see how hot and sexy they are? Very arousing as well to when I think that my husband made love to her as she was wearing MY lingerie…

Sabrina is my competition… a 10-year younger girl, obviously with tight-pussy and naughty behaviour. We both like to compete to get my husband’s attention, and of course to feel his manhood into our bodies… On this picture, Sabrina is wearing MY lingerie. She wanted to tease my man by posing very sensual and dirty for him. I guess she marks a point. Maybe I could play with her too?

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