Erotic story: Sophie, the libertine

It is summer and tonight we are having a small aperitif on the terrace with our friends as often happens, sometimes in one place, sometimes in another.

Mostly people of our age, from various professions but all simple and relaxed. Most no longer ignore our penchant for libertine, but only very rarely mention it.
Among them stands out a person: Sophie….

Already by his age, 50 years old, but especially by his deliberately precious and quite BCBG attitude. However, she does not come from a wealthy background but plays the card of the success of her husband, Antoine, in the construction industry. He is the opposite of his wife in terms of attitude: bedridden, funny and not at all intoxicated by his money, that’s why they remain among our friends.
During this evening, I share discussions and laughter with everyone but I still feel Sophie’s gaze almost constantly on me…
This concerns me a little bit and, claiming that I have to go get some food, I ask for his help in order to be able to talk to him alone. Which she willingly accepts.

“Tell me, Sophie, I think you’re strange tonight, do you want to tell me something? »
“Well… I don’t really know how to explain it… It’s quite delicate…”
“What’s wrong with him? You can talk to me without fear, you know that! And if I can help you, I’d be happy to. »
“In fact, it’s very intimate what I have to say to you… It’s about you, me, Antoine…”
“Good Sophie! Spill it because we’re not gonna spend the whole evening dancing around it! »
“I want to talk to you about sex, that’s it!” she says, all red;

Well, well, well! Sophie wants to talk to me about ass… That’s the best one!
But not showing any surprise, I let her continue.

“I know that you and Luc… Well, you know… You’re very liberated on that side… And me, well… that’s clearly what I miss that’s it!”
“Okay, I see… What you’re trying to tell me is that with your husband it’s not crazy every night in bed, is it? »
“Yes, that’s it… I love him and he’s very attentive but he’s no longer very strong and often on the move. And I’ve been for some time…”
“You want to fuck! “I said to help him express the essence of his thought;
“Yes, Helen! That’s it! That’s it! I’m ashamed, but really ashamed! “she said, grabbing my arm;
“But you don’t have to be embarrassed! It’s quite normal to feel that way at some point and I don’t judge you, you know, on the contrary. I’m glad you’re entrusting this to me, but I don’t understand how I could help you…”

She blushes again and, fleeing my gaze, confides this to me:
“I would like to have a lover…”
“Okay! And if I understood correctly, you want me to help you find it…”
“Yes… Well, no! I’ve already thought of someone… Jimmy! »
“But how do you know him? »

Jimmy is the bartender of our libertine club we frequent and he has become our friend.
“He came by the house a while ago with Luc to help Antoine move furniture. We had a drink together. We exchanged a few looks and I fell in love with him…” she confesses to me with a smile and a sparkling look that say a lot about his sincerity…
“Okay, I get it! But we need to talk about this again, Sophie! In the meantime, are we going to join the others? »
“Yes, let’s go! “she replies in a playful, relieved tone and happy to have been able to express her feelings.

With this revelation in my mind, I ended the evening without excess and hastened to tell Luc about it once our guests had left.
His astonishment is as great as mine was:
“I can’t believe it! Sophie wants to be fucked by a young man! »
“It’s quite embarrassing towards Antoine, I think. She asks me to help her cheat on him and I don’t like it…”
“Oh, you know, Antoine… He’s not 100% legit either… When he goes on a trip, he sometimes has a good time from what he told me…”
The night brings advice and we will resume this reflection later.

The next day at breakfast, we agree that Luc will take care of the conversation with Jimmy and I plan to call Sophie later today.
On the phone, our friend is always determined to carry out her project and that’s good because it’s no surprise that Jimmy accepted the request…
She tells me of her desire to receive him at home in Antoine’s absence because she will feel more comfortable on familiar ground and asks me to come with Luc, at least to make the presentations and get things started.

A few days pass and Sophie contacts me to inform me of her husband’s imminent departure for a while and suggests that I come the same evening at the time of the aperitif.
I am a little surprised at the speed of things but she explains that she has been preparing and waiting for this moment since her revelation at home and is now looking forward to it. One phone call to Jimmy and he’ll join us before he goes to Sophie’s.
I’m hitting the ground running.

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