Erotic Story : Weekend

A sexy selfie before a hot weekend

It seems that with age, desire escapes. I think that age doesn’t matter and that it’s more the everyday life that eats us up.

Married for 12 years and living together for more than 20 years, my wife and I are no exception to the daily rule. Metro, work, sleep. Except we don’t have a subway here. We are certainly not the most fanciful couple in the world, but we have become accomplices and our actions are becoming clearer, we know where to touch right. It’s been a long week for both of us. My wife worked seven days in a row, including a 15-hour day to replace a colleague. On my side, even if my agenda was less full, I lived psychologically exhausting days.

This Friday evening, the children are on a weekend at their grandmother’s house. This promises a quiet evening and a sleep in the fire of God. For me, the program is clear: I go home, I eat a bowl of soup watching the end of Stranger Things and go to sleep until at least eleven o’clock the next day.

I return home around 7:30 p.m. as usual, my wife has been poaching for several hours but I imagine she has lost her week. I call her, she’s upstairs, I go to the kitchen to thaw blocks of soup when I hear her coming down.

  • Hi,” she slips me a kiss on my mouth.

Then she stops on the frozen soup I’m holding in my hands.

  • I don’t want soup. For once, we should go to a little restaurant, it’ll do us good.
  • If you want, but a restaurant nearby, I’m tired.

We take the car to a “dinner” not far from home, these American burger restaurants. We like this kind of establishment, it’s good and cheap. And above all, it goes fast. During the journey she nonchalantly caresses my thigh with one hand while her other pianist on her laptop.

When I arrived in front of the dinner, she asked me to park a little further in the parking lot, when I felt my mobile phone vibrating in my pocket. I’ll check later. I find an isolated place in this empty car park and his hand keeps on stroking me, dangerously climbing up towards my crotch.

  • I feel you feeling very tense,” she said, placing her head on my shoulder.
  • Yeah. It’s been a nameless nightmare at work. I had to receive staff members who had done a lot of stupid things. They all cried one after the other. I felt like a torturer but I can’t let mistakes like that go by.
  • Poor thing,” she whispered in my ear.

She kisses me and her hand rests on my sex which hardens under my jeans.

  • Let me relax you. Let me relax.

She unbuttoned my pants and took out my sex. I am hard despite the fatigue and I appreciate this surge of tenderness, which must be well exhausted too. She swallows me greedily, voraciously. No unnecessary tongues, it swallows me up, sucks me up, swallows me up. My hand caresses her hair with tension. It’s so good! Her hot expert mouth completely eats me and I feel her teeth based on my sex. I moan, close my eyes.

When I reopen them, she attacks me, her tongue dances on my glans and she masturbates frantically. A couple passes by the car and under the light of the lamppost I see the man raise an inch in my direction before disappearing into the dinner. It’s too much, I feel a violent electric shock coming up inside me. She hasn’t even taken care of me for two minutes and I don’t want to anymore. She is experienced in the field and when I feel the pressure rising to the ultimate notch, I press her head. His hand tightens on my thigh and I hear the sound of my glans against the bottom of his throat to the rhythm of my pleasure that escapes into his mouth. She’s finally getting up.

  • You’re crazy, I thought I was going to drown!” she said, wiping her lip and chin dripping with my sperm.
  • Excuse me, it was too… good.

We get out of the car and I’m sorry I got carried away like that, I hope I didn’t offend him. I notice that her rimmel sank into the action and she heads to the toilet as soon as we enter the restaurant. I can feel my mobile phone vibrating in my pocket again, which reminds me that I didn’t look at the message earlier. Both texts are from her:

7:58 p.m.: Look what you did to me:

The message is accompanied by a photo of her fingers covered with cyprine.

7:45 p.m.: You’ll have to take it away from me tonight:

The message is accompanied by a picture of her buttocks well wrapped in transparent panties.

I feel reassured by my anger earlier, but here I am again hot as a fire. I notice in the room the couple in the parking lot. The guy winked at me before going back into conversation with his girlfriend, a beautiful blonde who was a little round but terribly sexy.

My wife comes back from the toilet, cheeks slightly pink.

  • You look good tonight, I said to her as I drank with her.
  • It’s been a long week, I need to let go a little,” she answers, swallowing a sip of her beer.
  • Perfect. I’ll send it to you with my teeth later, if you want…
  • With teeth? Extensive program. I’d prefer you to take it easy anyway….
  • Slowly to take your panties off?
  • Ha, ha, ha, ha, I think you looked at the picture wrong!

I take my laptop back and look in more detail. I hadn’t noticed that under the panties her anal plug clearly appeared, warmly stowed in her anus.

  • You… you still have it on you?
  • Yes, she said to me, squirming slightly and blushing a little.

I can’t believe it! Now I’m completely glued. I feel like it’s going to be a hot evening.

Finally, we are there, between us head to head and eyes to eyes. I contemplate it without getting tired of it. She became more beautiful with age. Her long brown hair, her green eyes in which I lose myself and her generous body magnify her rebellious beauty. A treasure that is constantly renewed, surprising and exhilarating.

I can’t help but take a look at the couple next door whose guy looks at me with big smiles.

  • Why are you looking at that fat girl like that?
  • Hello, she’s not fat. I’m pretty sure they saw us in the car earlier….

She turns around and waves her hand to them with a big finger. She’s my wife…

After a hearty and watered meal, we return to our penates.

  • You’re gonna have to take this off quickly when you get there, it’s starting to get awkward.
  • I want you to reach orgasm on your own first. I won’t take it away from you until after.

We go home and I sit on the couch, waiting for her to do it. She takes off her clothes, allowing me to look at her beautiful body. Her heavy breasts and flat stomach are a delight. Her sex is already completely wet from this early evening. Her fingers dance on her lips, caress her clitoris and penetrate gently, in rhythm. She moans.

She’s not with me anymore. His eyes close and his mouth stretches out in a moan. With her other hand, she grabs the plug and makes it come and go. Her fingers wiggle on her rosebud, her liquid flows abundantly to her buttocks. Disordered words escape from her mouth, she loses control and stretches herself completely by rubbing her clitoris with haste. Her lips spread, letting her liquid flow, she gives herself up and comes in a fierce rage.

I approach her to kiss her, my excitement is total. She hugs me and I go down between her thighs. I chew her skin and she goes back. This feminine capacity to be able to enjoy pleasure after pleasure has always fascinated me. My tongue plays on his lips and I spread them out with my fingers. I eat it like a ripe fruit, the fruit of sin, the fruit of her desires. She presses on my head and I enjoy her liquid mixed with my saliva. Between two fingers I grab the plug and slowly remove it. And I can hear him whispering to me, “Take me, fuck me!” I still enjoy her sex, but she decided otherwise. She gets up, and sits on the couch, grabbing her thighs to give me her privacy.

  • Go ahead, kick my ass!

I take my hard sex out and push it into his. “Ha! Fuck, yes, louder! “She grabs me by the hips and forces my movement, her breasts tossing under my assaults excite me madly and I embrace her, as hard as I can and she asks for more and more.

Her body tightens again, she comes in a scream that doesn’t seem to want to stop. I can’t take it anymore, I feel the waves rising in my lower abdomen and I escape into it, my body stretched out, my hands tight on her waist.

We had sex again once in the room. Calmly, quietly, for a long time. Our bodies were rediscovered and our mouths could not leave each other until we fell asleep. Against each other.

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