Erotic Story : The Four of Us

Chloe, Val… and them!

There were four of us at the time, a friend (Val) and our respective girlfriends. Rather trendy “ass” you guessed it, we often talked about sex, our fantasies of swinging, triolism etc.. But until then, no action had taken place. Here I tell you about our first time.

So we find ourselves on vacation in the mountains, we spend our days walking on the local trails. In the evening we celebrate, drink, laugh and talk about sex. We’re not just talking about it because the two couples we form find each other almost every night having sex and sometimes even in the same room, one on the couch and the other on an air mattress in the living room (I had a preference for the air mattress because this type of mattress allows us to bounce slightly with each blow of the kidney and thus penetrate with vigour my girlfriend, who particularly appreciated it). All this takes place in a very dark room, we are still modest.

My girlfriend’s name is Chloe, a beautiful redhead with green eyes, white skin slightly tanned by the sun of the region, a strong chest with very pink nipples that seems to be constantly full of blood. Freckles have just finished filling this generous cleavage. She regularly takes advantage of our group of friends because if it is true that she is a reserved girl, she does not have any difficulty in making the top fall off after a few glasses of white wine or a simple hot dip. The bottom however it is more complex, except of course when you know if to take…
The other girlfriend of the band, Claire, is a beautiful woman with crow-coloured hair, tanned skin, she has the annoying tendency to give me erections just by looking at me with her rascal look that she masters so well… Her chest is very small and her waist is very small, but it is to better reveal her wide hips and her rounded buttocks. Her thighs are thick, muscular, she has practiced athletics at a good level, which is what allows her today to display these legs so exciting for people like me, who love when there are beautiful shapes. When we climb a hill during our hikes it often finds itself in front of it; I then admire her ass which contracts with each step and swings from left to right. She knows it, she’s noticed me a few times, it amuses her. She loves this little game we have just like me.
Meanwhile, my buddy likes to admire Chloe’s breasts. When we reach a summit for a picnic we are alone and it is hot, so he often suggests we blow up the shirt which my girlfriend never refuses. She then brushes her body with sunscreen and from time to time she gives naughty little looks.

That night we hadn’t had that much to drink, but we were determined to take a step forward in our “sexual-friendly” relationship. The evening had begun with a game during which we gave each other pledges.
All bare-chested, the girls wore a skirt, Claire’s skirt was particularly short, she let the crease of her buttocks appear. Boys, we were in shorts, deformed at the zipper level by our powerful erections.
It’s Val’s turn to play, he has to lick whipped cream previously placed between his girlfriend’s breasts, he runs immediately, then puts on some cream and starts again “because fuck how good it is!” The tension is palpable we don’t know if he’s talking about the whipped cream or his girlfriend haha’s chest.
The game will continue for another hour (we like to make the pleasure last…) and the pledges will follow one another. I’m going to taste my girlfriend’s breasts full of cream. Chloe will then do the same with Claire. I knew for a long time that my girlfriend also liked women, she had slept with girls before we met. For Claire, on the other hand, I think it’s quite new.
Some time later Chloé puts on her best outfit to make us a little strip, she ended up in a thong but to continue the game she preferred to exchange it for her little skirt.
I then had to undo my hips myself and end up in my underwear. Val did well for him, to Chloe’s great misfortune, because he kept his shorts on.
Claire took off the tanga she was wearing under her skirt. To do this she climbed on the table and made it slide by bending overly forward, leaving me for the first time to glimpse the wet and swollen lips of her vagina… it made me shiver with pleasure, Chloé noticed it well, but obviously she took it very well she who was wet when looking at Val’s fly.

Then things took on a whole new dimension, the girls put themselves back to back on the table and with Val we licked them. Chloe was soaked, as soon as I arrived her thighs were already quite wet.

When my tongue landed on her clitoris she breathed a sigh of deep relief.
On the table I noticed that the girls had exchanged a few kisses, so I discreetly ask my girlfriend if she wants me to let her go a little further with Claire, she doesn’t take the time to answer me, she slips her hand into Claire’s crotch, the latter is first surprised and then lets herself go. She then comes in turn to caress Chloe’s clitoris. I kiss her wet fingers as I pursue the cunnilingus. This is the first contact I have with Claire….

Taken in simultaneous bloodshed, Val and I grabbed our girlfriends and went to the couch. There, side by side we let Claire and Chloe overlap us.
I can see Val’s tender gaze towards my rider’s chest. Besides, Chloe also has trouble concealing her desire to see my friend’s sex. As for me, I keep looking up Claire’s ass. He excites me, I’ve rarely seen that… It forms a perfect, well-muscled semi-circle, it appears firm.
I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I ended up throwing my left hand on Claire’s buttock, I grabbed it strongly, it’s even firmer than it looks! Chloe then puts her hand on Val’s chest while he grabs a breast. The two girls moan, I also like to make a little noise during sex but the situation doesn’t seem to be right for it. The pelvic movements slow down and Claire takes the opportunity to grab Chloe’s chest, which visibly at the coast! Claire tells him “I would dream of having the same breasts as you, they are too beautiful! And it turns my boyfriend on and off, haha!” The atmosphere is very relaxed, we joke from time to time while exciting each other.
Claire is the most direct person in the group, so it doesn’t surprise me that she was the one who started the hostilities: “Well Alex, you want me to swing my pelvis over your sex?” At that moment my girlfriend and my buddy looked at each other with an air of saying “finally!”. I know these rascals, I know they’re dying of it!

We get up, I grab Claire by the hips and put my tongue in her mouth, she puts herself in a semi-seated position on the couch and I come over her. She grabs a condom and puts it on me, I feel her hands on my sex for the first time… I then enter her in the missionary position, I then notice her little tattoo right on the side of her little pussy. Val told me about it, but I forgot that detail. I grabbed her by the hips and started to kick her back, she screamed louder and louder.
On her side Chloé surprised me, she quickly threw herself on Val’s cock to put it in her mouth, she sucked it languidly, with a lot of drool, I could hear despite the violent blows of my back that I put on Claire, the sounds of Chloé’s suction on Val’s cock. His dick was slightly smaller than mine but a little wider which seemed to please Chloe.

Chloe finally paused to slip Val’s dick between her breasts. This action seemed to me to be desired by Val. I was right because later that evening Chloé told me that a few days before Val and she had had a discussion about it and that she had told her she was dreaming of a Spanish handjob.

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